In 1979, we recognized a need for a cost effective, quality solution to support current USAF programs in the production of electrical assemblies, wire harnesses and cables. Richard Manufacturing Company (RMC) was created with three employees. We quickly established ourselves as a trusted partner in supplying critical assemblies in support of these programs and the company grew.


In 1985, we performed a contract for some fighter aircraft modification kits.  Our cost for this effort was almost one million dollars below our next competitor.  At completion, our customer was impressed with the quality, on-time delivery and well-managed program.  In recognition, they gave a plaque that reads, "In appreciation of your efforts to cuts costs in Government contracting and your responsive delivery of high quality products."  We call it our "Million Dollar Plaque".

Today, we are a valuable and trusted supplier to the United States Department of Defense, their allies, and the defense and aerospace industries worldwide.  That same vision of a cost-effective, quality, and responsive production partner supplying unique and complex electrical assemblies, wire harnesses and cables is still our core vision.  Our capabilities have expanded substantially and we contiue to grow.

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